Surplus Networking Terms and Conditions (Policies)

At Surplus Networking, we are dedicated to making sure that every single customer has the perfect buying experience. That’s why we emphasize the importance of personal and quality costumer care and service. For any questions regarding our policies or terms and conditions please read the below information.

  1. Warranties: Items when purchased come with a one-year warranty include but are not limited to all routers and switches. For more detailed warranty information please check your invoice/quotation for the product(s). All warranties awarded are only through Surplus Networking which has no affiliation with any manufacturer or its warranties. With this warranty guarantee we make sure that you buy all our products with confidence and peace of mind.
  2. Returns: If a part or item is found to be broken or defective within thirty days of the invoice date, Surplus Networking will issue a full refund. If the item becomes defective through normal wear after the 30 days but before the 1-year warranty the item will be held under the above warranty conditions. Surplus Networking reserves the right to determine between refund, replacement or repair of the product. Due to the large quantity of shipments each day Surplus Networking is unable to accept returns on products mistakenly ordered. If there are any other questions regarding our return policy, please contact us at
  3. Exchanges – We offer an exchange credit for most non-working units as a dollar amount off of a current order. This credit takes effect prior to the transaction and results in a discount from the original sale price of the item to be purchased. Surplus Networking reserves the right to not offer an exchange in the case of international buyers where considerations such as shipping costs and customs costs may render the exchange less cost effective.
  4. Quote Validity – All quotes are valid for 30 days and are based on total bill of material quoted and product availability. If you have a quote that is past 30 days old, please contact us to find out if the pricing and availability have changed before placing an order. Please note, in the case of Proforma Invoices, the product is not removed from stock until after payment has cleared.
  5. Payment – We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Personal Checks for all North American purchases, wire transfers for international orders, and cash for local pickups. If an order is placed and a Proforma Invoice is issued, no guarantee of product availability will be made until the funds are transferred.
  6. Shipping – We ship FedEx for most domestic orders. Most international orders will be shipped via DHL. However, we are flexible and willing to ship FedEX, UPS, or DHL upon request. We offer the option to ship collect on your own account, or to prepay and add shipping costs. We receive a significant shipping discount based on the volume of our shipment and in many cases can pass that discount on to our customers. Please let us know your preference when placing an order. For time intensive factory down situations we can set up a courier service for direct door to door delivery. This is only offered if the product is quoted to ship same day.
  7. Canceled orders – Orders over $1000.00 USD are non-cancellable orders.
  8. Location & Hours of Operation – Surplus Networking's main office is located in Cary, North Carolina and is open 8AM-5PM EST, excluding US Federal holidays.